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It's a perfect day for gratitude!

Posted on November 24 2011

The true dark history of the origins of Thanksgiving have now mostly been forgotten. However, I think it is important for us to remind ourselves of the true history, so we do not repeat such heinous acts again and instead live our lives more compassionately loving one and all.

Despite it's dark origins, the spirit of Thanksgiving today is vastly different. It is that wonderful time of the year when people slow down from their frenzied lives, come together as family and friends, reflect on the gifts of life one already has and express gratitude.

The brand "It's a perfect day®" is all about being grateful for the every day - finding something perfect in every day of our lives. So in that sense, Thanksgiving day is no different for us from other days. We are thankful for every single day. Each day is a wonderful gift. I want to quote a friend of mine K, who posted so eloquently on her Facebook wall:

"I am very thankful for my family, friends and this life! The opportunity that I've gotten to share this time and space with you all, in this world - I'm grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving!"

Ditto! I am thankful for the wonderful family, friends, customers and all their love and support. I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity that I am blessed with to express myself and share with the world through this super optimistic brand "It's a perfect day®". Honestly, I could not have asked for anything better in my life. After my loving family, this brand is the greatest thing that has happened to me!

Thank you all for the fantastic support for this nascent brand and wish you all a perfect Thanksgiving holiday and a fantastic holiday season.

Founder, It's A Perfect Day®

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