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It's a perfect day to get engaged!

Posted on July 21 2011

We have seen our writable sticker used in several ways with many different writings - it's a perfect day to smile, it's a perfect day for sunshine, it's a perfect day to dance, it's a perfect day for a pint even! However, the folks at just informed me about their blog post which warmed my heart and made my day. One of their employees Danielle, went home one evening to find one of our stickers with this written on it:

Her boyfriend used one one of our stickers to actually propose to Danielle. So very cool! This is the best use of our sticker that I have seen to date :-). My wife Aimee and I congratulate you both and wish you both a perfect life together!

I knew when I got started with the idea of "it's a perfect day", that I was on to something. But I did not realize, it could literally change someone's life so quickly.

Remember, every day is perfect for something. It is up to each one of us to find something perfect in each and every day of life. 

Have a perfect day!

Founder, It's A Perfect Day ®

PS: If you are ever in the market for custom stickers, give the folks at a call. They printed our stickers and they are an absolute pleasure to work with.

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