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It's a perfect day!

Posted on June 27 2011

We here at "It's A Perfect Day ®" think most would agree, "It's a perfect day" is perhaps one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language. It evokes something positive, something uplifting. We all use the phrase quite frequently without even giving it a second thought. 

  • It's a perfect day!
  • It's a perfect day to relax!
  • It's a perfect day to swim!
  • It's a perfect day for a latte!
And so on. Regardless of what age one is, what nationality, color, religion, political background etc., we all have something in our lives which we cherish immensely. That something special which makes our day a perfect day! 

Every day of our lives, we wake up and hope it is a perfect day. Some days are well, perfect but others are not so. Regardless of the type of day life presents us with, a little change in attitude can help us find something that is perfect under the given circumstances. This reminds me of a little kids tale I heard very often as a kid growing up in India (my birth country). The moral of the story was "whatever happens, happens for the best". And to this day this rings true in my case. There have been times when something unpleasant has happened in my life and at that given moment things seemed like my world was falling apart. But soon after when that incident passed, it made me realize in some way, shape, or form, that whatever did take place was indeed for my good. In some instances I learnt a lesson, in some I found a better job and so on. 

Like Bobby McFerrin sang in his hit single "Don't worry, be happy". Or like how Timone and Pumbaa sing "Hakunah Matata" in the animation movie "Lion's King". So in closing, I would like to go back to the beautiful phrase - ''it's a perfect day". Remember, like our tagline says "every day is perfect for something"! 

Have a perfect day!

Founder, It's A Perfect Day ®

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